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Love Is:
A picture book and greeting card booklet for all ages

This unique little book celebrates the many flavors of love in its simplest forms, with emphasis on the kinds of love that children relate to most. Just 7"x5", the book comes with a greeting card envelope, and may be mailed in the U.S. with just two first class postage stamps. Peek inside to get a taste of the rhyming poem and storytelling pictures that speak to love among people everywhere. This is my first "crossover" book, created with love!

If you would like this book mailed as a gift, please indicate to whom and from whom you would like the book signed. There is a page at the beginning for inscribing the book as a gift. Perfect for Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day, or any occasion for love!
36 page paperback. Price includes $2 shipping and handling. – $9.95
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